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Ciudad de origen:  
GPS location:   Latitude: 43.12718 - Length: -3.61239
Street address: carretera de lunada espinosa de los monteros - 09560 Espinosa de los Monteros (Burgos)

How to arrive

Take the road towards Espinosa de Los Monteros.
Once in the village take the road of Lunada, passed the villafe of Las Machorras 2 km far away, take the junction to the ski station of La Lunada.
100 meters far away is the house.

Espinosa de los Monteros

Espinosa de los Monteros is a municipality from Burgos of the region Las Merindades which borders with Vizcaya and Cantabria. The Villa of Espinosa, capital of the municipality, is included between the best artistic complexes of the region of Burgos. Walking through the streets you can breathe airs from other ages and you can relive its important historic, receiving, in occasions, the feeling that the time has stopped. It is worthy to highlight above all the civil buildings like Goods of Cultural Interest: The Palace of Fernández Villa (XVI century), the Palace of Chiloeches (XVII century) and the Palace of the Marquises of the Caves of Velasco. It is also worthy to see the renaissance church of the neuralgic touristic center, the main square of Sancho García. And in the municipality there are also other interesting churches, as well as ranches, and the village of Castromorca, as well as beautiful landscapes where you can walk and recreate yourself. Besides there is good cheese and butter, cheese cake and cupcakes, as well as the famous blood sausage of Burgos made in Espinosa.


* Castro Valnera
* Church Santa Eulalia
* Tower Ilustre
* Church Santa Cecilia.
* Tower Berrueza.
* Palace of Fernández-Villa
* Tower Azulejos
* Church of Nuestra Señora de Berrueza
* Church de San Nicolás
* Palace Chiloeches
* Palace of the Caves Velasco
* Palace Marqués de Legarda
* Tower Cantinflor


* Ski (Track of Lunada).
* Motorbike routes.
* Routes through four rivers.
* Trekking.
* Visits to the village.
* The Caves Ojo Guareña.
* Hiking.
* Bike routes.

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